Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Wash My Hat?

Yes! You should machine wash it cold and it should be hang dried only (do not put in the dryer). It may be ironed on a low setting or you may use a steamer.


What Makes This Hat Unique?

There are many aspects of this hat that make it unique! First, it is made from UPF 50+ fabric that was sent out to a lab testing facility in North Carolina. It earned a UVA rating of 99.90% and a UVB ration of 99.90%. However, we are only allowed to tag 50+ on the hat. This fabric is then sewn to an additional fabric making it even more sun resistant. This combination makes the hat extremely effective against the sun. In addition, the adjustable snap feature secures your hat from blowing off if you are in a convertible or in windy weather. Lastly, the hat is crushable, foldable, and comes in a small fabric pouch making it easy to pack and carry with you anywhere. However, ALWAYS wear sunscreen with this product to double ensure protection on your face,neck ears and scalp.


Does The Hat Come In Various Sizes?

The hats are one size fits all. There are 3 adjustable snaps to make the hat tighter (the snap feature is a wonderful tool in wind). It is not necessary to use the snap, it is merely an extra feature to secure the hat on smaller sized heads.

Returns and Exchanges?

If you are unhappy with your order, we are happy to accept a return or exchange within 30 days of its receipt of a new unworn hat. This does not include the shipping costs. Customers are also responsible for paying for the shipping to return the items to our facility. If there are any issues with a defect or damaged item please contact us at


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