This product was developed to protect people from the sun


My Story

I myself have Melasma, my sister-in-law had Melanoma, and many of my friends have had Moh's surgery. I created this product to help people protect themselves from the sun. After giving birth to two children I developed a skin pigment problem known as Melasma. No matter what skin treatment I tried... dermabrasion, fraxel, lasers, ipl, hydroquinone, alpha hydroxy, chemical peels, natural creams (lemon juice, kojic acid, etc) and every other home remedy under the sun, in addition to surfing the internet for a cure for hours nightly for years I was never able to remove the pigment spots. Every time I was exposed to the sun my spots got darker and more pronounced and it left me feeling dirty and depressed. My dermatologist explained that right now there is no cure for Melasma. Many creams and treatments can help minimize it but plain and simple the answer cure for my Melasma was to stay out of the sun. We all know due to our busy lifestyle that it is almost impossible to stay out of the sun. So I started to wear sunscreen and a hat every day. The reason I had to create my own hat was because all the hats that I had encountered were either fashionable and not protectable like a straw fedora or cowboy hat or they were frumpy fisherman, safari style. So I had to create the ideal sun hat that combined both practical and functional with fashion. Thus, SUN HATS by RONIGIRL was created. 

* 2017 New Melasma Treatment Hat Best Travel Hat for Skin Conditions

Style & Quality

This hat is a helpful tool to help you stay out of the sun. The hat is foldable and comes in a small pouch. It is easy to throw into your pocketbook, car side pocket, fanny pack, bicycle basket, golf cart, or any other small space so that it is accessible and you can alway be protected. 


The hat is perfect for anyone who has had any type of plastic surgery on their face, various skin peels, treatments or even a simple facial. After a treatment the hat covers and protects the raw skin while healing. You can put the hat on immediately when leaving the dr’s office or spa.

How many times have you been in a situation eating lunch outside, driving, hiking, or even simply walking when the weather started out cloudy and suddenly the sun came out?

This convenient hat is so small and crushable that it can easily fit in your pocket book, car door side pocket, bicycle basket, golf cart, fanny pack, beach bag, coat pocket and any other easy accessible easy to grab storage spot. So you will always be prepared to cover yourself from the sun when you least expect it. You will never be unprepared again if you are outside and all of a sudden the sun comes out! Just grab and wear a SUN HAT by RONIGIRL!


100% Handmade


I immediately created a sun hat that wasn't just UPF +50, but rather one that was adorable, functional, and easy to use. This unique sun hat has been sent to North Carolina for UV protection testing and has received a UVA rating of 99.90% and a UVB rating of 99.90%.

The inside fabric is made of UPF/UV resistant poly (from recycled water bottles). The outside fabric is 100% cotton. It is made in the USA.